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Helene Deutsch
(1884-1982) born on
Oct 09
US psychoanalyst. She was the Grande Dame of Boston Psychoanalysts.
All observations point to the fact that the intellectual woman is masculinized; in her, warm, intuitive knowledge has yielded to cold unproductive thinking.

Their capacity for identification is not an expression of inner poverty but of inner wealth.
After all, the ultimate goal of all research is not objectivity, but truth.
The embattled gates to equal rights indeed opened up for modern women, but I sometimes think to myself: "That is not what I meant by freedom -- it is only 'social progress.'"
It is no exaggeration to say that among all living creatures, only man, because of his prehensile appendages, is capable of rape in the full meaning of this term that is, sexual possession of the female against her will.
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