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Amie Comeaux
(1976-1997) born on
Dec 04
US country singer. She was a promising young country singer who died tragically in a car accident; her first album was "Moving Out."
I'm moving out
Me and my best friend Louise got it all figured out
She's got the car and I've got the stereo
I'm saving my dollars that used to be dimes
Getting ready, ready for the time
That this girl's gonna move out.

When you smile at me
You take me to a world I never thought I'd see
Your eyes can touch my soul
And fill me with a hunger only you can feed
When you smile at me.
Some things are meant to happen
Some things are bound to be
Love has a way of making doubting hearts believe.
One step from a heartache
Two steps from the blues
So close to a teardrop
I know what you were gonna do
But I'm one step ahead of you.
Sometimes in spite of difference
Sometimes against all odds
Some things are meant to happen
It's written in the stars.
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A: From her song " Written In The Stars," from the album "Moving Out."
N: From her song " One Step Ahead Of You," from the album "Moving Out."
K: From her song " Written In The Stars," from the album "Moving Out."

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