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M. F. K. Fisher
(1908-1992) born on
Jul 03
US culinary expert, author. She was best known for her writings on basic human needs, especially food: "The Art of Eating," 1954.
. . . word-sniffing . . . is an addiction, like glue -- or snow -- sniffing in a somewhat less destructive way, physically if not economically. . . . As an addict, I am almost guiltily interested in converts to my own illness . . .

. . . most bereaved souls crave nourishment more tangible than prayers: they want a steak.
Salad is roughage and a French idea.
There are many of us who cannot but feel dismal about the future of various cultures. Often it is hard not to agree that we are becoming culinary nitwits, dependent upon fast foods and mass kitchens and megavitamins for our basically rotten nourishment.
People ask me: "Why do you write about food, and eating, and drinking? Why don't you write about the struggle for power and security, and about love, the way the others do?" . . . The easiest answer is to say that, like most other humans, I am hungry.
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