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Paul Simon
(1941-____) born on
Oct 13
US singer, songwriter. He established his fame as part of "Simon & Garfunkel" with "Sounds of Silence," then continued a solo career of innovative music with "Graceland."
All lies and jests, still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.

The thought that life could be better is woven indelibly into our hearts and our brains.
People talking without speaking,
People listening without hearing,
People writing songs that voices never shared.
My whole artistic life has always been about change, change, change, move on, move on. It's the only thing I find interesting.
Most people don't experience what I fell into -- all the success. To make your living from something you love is really an unusual piece of good fortune. It's a privilege to make your living out of recording your life.
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