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Alexander Pope
(1688-1744) born on
May 21
English poet. He is remembered as a major satirist of Augustan age; wrote "The Rape of the Lock," 1714 and "Moral Essays," 1731-35.
Unlearn'd, he knew no schoolman's subtle art,
No language, but the language of the heart.

Where'er you find `the cooling western breeze',
In the next line, it `whispers through the trees':
If crystal streams `with pleasing murmurs creep',
The reader's threatened, not in vain, with `sleep'.
Who shall decide when doctors disagree?
While expletives their feeble aid do join,
And ten low words oft creep in one dull line.
Trust not yourself, but your defects to know, make use of every friend and every foe.
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