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Walter F. Mondale
(1928-____) born on
Jan 5
US lawyer, politician. He served as vice president of the United States (1977-81) and in 1984 was the Democratic nominee for the presidency.
I don't want to spend the next two years in Holiday Inns.

Do you want to tear your life apart and get rid of everything you've known as a lifestyle? Like seeing your family? Being with your friends? A fishing trip? A hunting trip? A night's sleep?
I hope we don't lose in America this demand that those of us who want this office . . . must be prepared not to handle the 10-second gimmick that deals, say, with little things like war and peace.
I said I didn't want to spend most of my life in Holidays Inns, but I've checked and they've all been redecorated. They're marvelous places to stay and I've thought it over and that's where I'd like to be.
In our system, at about 11:30 on election night, they just push you off the edge of the cliff and that's it. You might scream on the way down, but you're going to hit the bottom, and you're not going to be in elective office.
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