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Andre Breton
(1896-1966) born on
Feb 18
French poet, essayist, critic, editor. He was the chief promoter and one of the founders of the Surrealist movement.
Leave everything. Leave Dada. Leave your wife. Leave your mistress. Leave your hopes and fears. Leave your children in the woods. Leave the substance for the shadow. Leave your easy life, leave what you are given for the future. Set off on the roads.

To reduce the imagination to a state of slavery -- even though it would mean the elimination of what is commonly called happiness -- is to betray all sense of absolute justice within oneself. Imagination alone offers me some intimation of what can be.
The work of art, just like any fragment of human life considered in its deepest meaning, seems to me devoid of value if it does not offer the hardness, the rigidity, the regularity, the luster on every interior and exterior facet, of the crystal.
What one hides is worth neither more nor less than what one finds. And what one hides from oneself is worth neither more nor less than what one allows others to find.
The approval of the public is to be avoided like the plague. It is absolutely essential to keep the public from entering if one wishes to avoid confusion. I must add that the public must be kept panting in expectation . . .
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