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William J. Brennan, Jr.
(1906-1997) born on
Apr 25
US jurist. He was Justice of U.S. Supreme Court, 1956-90; received Medal of Freedom.
It is difficult to understand precisely what the state hopes to achieve by promoting the creation and perpetuation of a subclass of illiterates within our boundaries, surely adding to the problems and costs of unemployment, welfare and crime.

No longer is the female destined solely for the home and the rearing of the family and only the male for the marketplace and the world of ideas.
The law is not an end in itself, nor does it provide ends. It is preeminently a means to serve what we think is right.
Law cannot stand aside from the social changes around it.
We look to the history of the time of framing and to the intervening history of interpretation. But the ultimate question must be, what do the words of the text mean in our time.
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