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Walter Benjamin
(1892-1940) born on
Jul 15
German man of letters, aesthetician. He is now considered to have been the most important German literary critic in the first half of the 20th century.
The power of a text is different when it is read from when it is copied out. . . . Only the copied text thus commands the soul of him who is occupied with it, whereas the mere reader never discovers the new aspects of his inner self . . .

All human knowledge takes the form of interpretation.
Nothing is poorer than a truth expressed as it was thought. Committed to writing in such cases, it is not even a bad photograph. . . .
The art of storytelling is reaching its end because the epic side of truth, wisdom, is dying out.
The art of the critic in a nutshell: to coin slogans without betraying ideas. The slogans of an inadequate criticism peddle ideas to fashion.
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