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Samuel Johnson
(1709-1784) born on
Sep 18
English lexicographer, critic. He was remembered for writing the first critique of Shakespeare, 1765 and "Dictionary of the English Language," 1755.
A country governed by a despot is an inverted cone.

A Scotchman must be a very sturdy moralist who does not love Scotland better than truth.
'Lexicographer, n.' A writer of dictionaries, a harmless drudge.
A Judge may be a farmer; but he is not to geld his own pigs. A Judge may play a little at cards for his own amusement; but he is not to play at marbles, or chuck farthing in the Piazza.
A continual feast of commendation is only to be obtained by merit or by wealth: many are therefore obliged to content themselves with single morsels, and recompense the infrequency of their enjoyment by excess and riot, whenever fortune sets the banquet.
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