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George Canning
(1770-1827) born on
Apr 11
English statesman. Clemency Canning was known for his liberal policies as foreign secretary (1807-09, 1822-27) and as prime minister for four months during 1827.
A steady patriot of the World alone,
The friend of every country but his own.

And finds, with keen, discriminating sight,
Black 's not so black, -- nor white so very white.
Indecision and delays are the parents of failure.
I called the New World into existence to redress the balance of the Old.
Give me the avowed, the erect, the manly foe,
Bold I can meet --perhaps may turn his blow;
But of all plagues, good Heaven, thy wrath can send,
Save, save, oh save me from the Candid Friend.
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