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Susan Warner
(1819-1885) born on
Jul 11
US novelist. She wrote sentimental juvenile novels "Wide, Wide World," 1851 and "Queechy," 1852.
Many a bit we passed in our ignorance, in the days when we could see no metal but what glittered on the surface . . .

. . . and many a good time we went back again, long afterward, and broke our rejected lump with great exultation to find it fat with the riches of the mind.
"There is a world there, Winthrop, -- another sort of world -- where people know something; where other things are to be done than running plow furrows; where men may distinguish themselves! I want to be in that world."
"He who serves God with what costs him nothing, will do very little service, you may depend on it."
"Well, we're all somebody, of course, in one sense. Of course we're not nobody.''
"I am not so sure what you think about it," said Mrs. Candy. "I think that in your language, who isn't somebody, is nobody."
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