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Margaret Walker
(1915-1998) born on
Jul 07
US writer, educator. She was one of the most important poets, 1930s; "For My People" captured the struggles of Southern blacks and won the Yale Younger Poets Award, 1942.
You is born lucky, and it's better to be born lucky than born rich, cause if you is lucky you can git rich, but if you is born rich and you ain't lucky you is liables to lose all you got.

My grandmothers are full of memories
Smelling of soap and onions and wet clay
With veins rolling roughly over quick hands
They have many clean words to say,
My grandmothers were strong.
Let a new earth rise. Let another
world be born. Let a bloody
peace be written in the sky.
Let a second generation full of
courage issue forth; let a
people loving freedom come
to growth.
Now when you hates you shrinks up inside and gets littler and you squeezes your heart tight and you stays so mad with peoples you feels sick all the time like you needs the doctor.
Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go.
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