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Alice Duer Miller
(1874-1942) born on
Jul 28
US poet, author. She is best remembered for "White Cliffs," 1941, a long narrative poem extolling Britain's resistance during WW II; also wrote "I Have Loved England."
People love to talk but hate to listen. You can listen like a blank wall or like a splendid auditorium where every sound comes back fuller and richer.

Men are too emotional to vote. Their conduct at baseball games and political conventions shows this . . .
And now too late, we see these things are one:
The art is sacrifice and self-control
And who loves beauty must be stern of soul.
In a world where England is finished and dead:
I do not wish to live.
If it's very painful for you to criticize your friends -- you're safe in doing it. But if you take the slightest pleasure in it, that's the time to hold your tongue.
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