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R. W. Apple, Jr.
(1934-2006) born on
Nov 20
US journalist. He was the Washington. DC. bureau chief of the "NY Times," 1993-; author of "Europe: An Uncommon Guide," 1986.
Aspects of life here civility, courtesy, coziness have always bound Britons to their country . . . They are part of the British myth, along with lovely countryside, dogs and horses, rose gardens, the Armada, the Battle of Britain.

American Danish can be doughy, heavy, sticky, tasting of prunes and is usually wrapped in cellophane. Danish Danish is light, crisp, buttery and often tastes of marzipan or raisins; it is seldom wrapped in anything but loving care.
A first hint of the power of the electronic media to bring disaster directly into living rooms came with the radio broadcast of the explosion of the zeppelin "Hindenburg," in 1937 . . .
The sense of national catastrophe is inevitably heightened in a television age, when the whole country participates in it.
Some of our best journalists take themselves even more seriously than the politicians they write about.
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