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Madeleine L'Engle
(1918-2007) born on
Nov 28
US novelist. She won the 1963 Newberry award for "A Wrinkle in Time."
To be born is to start the journey towards death.

Conversion for me was not a Damascus Road experience. I slowly moved into an intellectual acceptance of what my intuition had always known.
When I am grappling with ideas which are radical enough to upset grown-ups, then I am likely to put these ideas into a story which will be marketed for children, because children understand what their parents have rejected and forgotten.
I didn't mean to give you the impression that life at the cathedral is like "Barchester Towers," as written by Dostoyevsky and heavily edited by John Updike.
Sometimes idiosyncrasies which used to be irritating become endearing, part of the complexity of a partner who has become woven deep into our own selves.
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