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Dick Gregory
(1932-____) born on
Oct 12
US comedian, author, political activist. He is noted for social consciousness expressed through fasting and lifestyle; first black comedian to perform for white audiences.
Civil Rights: What black folks are given in the U.S. on the installment plan, as in civil-rights bills. Not to be confused with human rights, which are the dignity, stature, humanity, respect, and freedom belonging to all people by right of their birth.

Just being a Negro doesn't qualify you to understand the race situation any more than being sick makes you an expert on medicine.
You know why Madison Avenue advertising has never done well in Harlem? We're the only ones who know what it means to be Brand X.
I wouldn't mind paying taxes -- if I knew they were going to a friendly country.
America will tolerate the taking of a human life without giving it a second thought. But don't misuse a household pet.
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