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Chester A. Arthur
(1830-1886) born on
Oct 05
US president (21st). He was the 21st U.S. president 1881-85; became president after the assassination of James Garfield; supported civil service reform, 1883.
I don't think we had better go into the minute secrets of the campaign, so far as I know them, because I see the reporters are present, who are taking it all down.

I may be president of the United States, but my private life is nobody's damned business.
Since I came here I have learned that Chester A. Arthur is one man and the President of the United States is another.
Men may die, but the fabrics of free institutions remains unshaken.
Well, there doesn't seem anything else for an ex-President to do but to go into the country and raise big pumpkins.
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Published Sources for the above Quotations:
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R: Responding to a visitor asking him about his expensive tastes.
A: In "Our Presidents," by James Morgan, p 210-11, 1958.
N: Speech, 22 Sep 1881.
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