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Rupert Brooke
(1887-1915) born on
Aug 03
English poet. He was a gifted youth whose early death in World War I contributed to his idealized image; best known work is the sonnet sequence "1914."
For Cambridge people rarely smile,
Being urban, squat, and packed with guile.

Cities, like cats, will reveal themselves at night.
But somewhere, beyond Space and Time,
Is wetter water, slimier slime!
And there (they trust) there swimmeth One
Who swam ere rivers were begun,
Immense, of fishy form and mind,
Squamous, omnipotent, and kind.
Infinite hungers leap no more
In the chance swaying of your dress;
And love has changed to kindliness.
Oh! Death will find me long before I tire
Of watching you; and swing me suddenly
Into the shade and loneliness and mire
Of the last land!
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