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Jean Dubuffet
(1901-1985) born on
Jul 31
French painter, sculptor, printmaker. He is best known for his development of art brut [raw] of primitive-style paintings and large-scale representational sculptures.
Unless one says goodbye to what one loves, and unless one travels to completely new territories, one can expect merely a long wearing away of oneself and an eventual extinction.

For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity.
Art does not lie down on the bed that is made for it; it runs away as soon as one says its name; it loves to be incognito. Its best moments are when it forgets what it is called.
Culture is smitten with counting and measuring; it feels out of place and uncomfortable with the innumerable; its efforts tend, on the contrary, to limit the numbers in all domains; it tries to count on its fingers.
The State has but one face for me: that of the police. To my eyes, all of the State's ministries have this single face, and I cannot imagine the ministry of culture other than as the police of culture, with its prefect and commissioners.
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