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Saul Steinberg
(1914-1999) born on
Jun 15
US artist, cartoonist. He is well known for his cartoons and cover-art for "New Yorker;" his art often combine cubism and pointalism.
The artist is an educator of artists of the future . . . who are able to understand and in the process of understanding perform unexpected -- the best -- evolutions.

I think, therefore Descartes exists.
A beautiful woman can be painted as a totem only; not as a woman, but as a Madonna, a queen, a sphinx.
The frightening thought that what you draw may become a building makes for reasoned lines.
At a performance of Pulcinella, Jean Hugo was sitting next to Picasso in Misia Sert's box. Suddenly, Picasso turned to him and asked: 'So, are you still painting by hand?' Hugo would be puzzled by it for years.
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