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Jimmy Swaggart
(1935-____) born on
Mar 15
US evangelist. He proclaims strong right-wing views and claimed, at one time, to have 200 million followers; involved in sex scandal; banned from the pulpit, 1988.
The word "philosophy" simply means "a pursuit of wisdom, the purpose of life, and a search for Truth." However, this quest, because it originates with man, can never find the answers. In fact, man cannot reach God or know God by intellectual pursuit.

Plato's system was . . . rent by an irreconcilable dualism of mind and body, spirit and matter, good and evil, with all of his great ideas unable to bridge this gulf. He could see the ideal, but he could not bring it to pass.
If I do not return to the pulpit this weekend, millions of people will go to hell.
Philosophies change by the day while God never changes, simply because, being perfect, He does not have to change!
The Media is ruled by Satan. But yet I wonder if many Christians fully understand that. Also, will they believe what the Media says, considering that its aim is to steal, kill, and destroy?
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