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Nat King Cole
(1919-1965) born on
Mar 17
US singer, bandleader. He was famous for his warm, relaxed, easy-listening songs including "Mona Lisa," 1950 and "Ramblin' Rose," 1962; first black to host TV series, 1950s.
I'm a musician at heart, I know I'm not really a singer. I couldn't compete with real singers. But I sing because the public buys it.

I felt something impossible for me to explain in words. Then when they took her away, it hit me. I got scared all over again and began to feel giddy. Then it came to me -- I was a father.
I got the message. All of us get the message, sooner or later. If you get it before it's too late or before you're too old, you'll pull through all right.
I'm a businessman. I work for business people. The kind of thing they say is: Now we've sold a lot of records, let's sell some more.
Critics don't buy records. They get 'em free.
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