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Emma Hart Willard
(1787-1870) born on
Feb 23
US educator. She pioneered higher education for women; founded Troy Female Seminary in 1821, which became the Emma Willard School.
While their sisters are gliding through the mazes of the midnight dance, [sons] employ the lamp, to treasure up for future use the riches of ancient wisdom; or to gather strength and expansion of the mind, in exploring the wonderful paths of philosophy.

Rocked in the cradle of the deep
I lay me down in peace to sleep;
Secure I rest upon the wave,
For Thou, O Lord! hast power to save.
The education of females has been exclusively directed to fit them for displaying to advantage the charms of youth and beauty. . . . though well to decorate the blossom, it is far better to prepare for the harvest.
He is not necessarily the best teacher who performs the most labour; makes his pupils work the hardest, and bustle the most. A hundred cents of copper, though they make more clatter and fill more space, have only a tenth of the value of one gold eagle
Genuine learning has ever been said to give polish to man; why then should it not bestow added charm on women?
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