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Benjamin Rush
(1746-1813) born on
Jan 04
US physician, congressman. He was the most famous doctor of his time; signer of the Declaration of Independence, 1776; Surgeon General of the Continental Army, 1777-1778.
The turgid style of Johnson, the purple glare of Gibbon, and even the studied and thickset metaphors of Junius are all equally unnatural, and should not be admitted into our company.

Dreams are nothing but incoherent ideas, occasioned by partial or imperfect sleep.
Our authors and scholars are generally men of business, and make their literary pursuits subservient to their interests.
Mirth, and even cheerfulness, when employed as remedies in low spirits, are like hot water to a frozen limb.
A pioneer is generally a man who has outlived his credit or fortune in the cultivated parts.
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