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Grover Cleveland
(1837-1908) born on
Mar 18
US president (22nd, 24th). He was the only President to be re-elected to two separate terms of office, 1885-89 and 1893-97; he worked to stabilize currency.
Though the people support the government, the government should not support the people.

Officeholders are the agents of the people, not their masters.
No man has ever yet been hanged for breaking the spirit of a law.
The Ship of Democracy, which has weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those on board.
He mocks the people who proposes that the government shall protect the rich and that they in turn will care for the laboring poor.
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Published Sources for the above Quotations:
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R: Speech, 14 Jul 1886.
A: In "Peerless Leader," by Hibben.
N: In a letter to Wilson S. Bissell, 15 Feb 1894.
K: In his annual message to Congress, 3 Dec 1988.

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