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Michael Harrington
(1928-1989) born on
Feb 24
US writer. He was a noted leftist author who awakened the U.S. to American poverty in "The Other America," 1962; "Taking Sides," 1965.
Clothes make the poor invisible. . . . America has the best-dressed poverty the world has ever known.

People who are much too sensitive to demand of cripples that they run races ask of the poor that they get up and act just like everybody else in society.
If there is a technological advance without a social advance, there is, almost automatically, an increase in human misery.
One cannot raise the bottom of society without benefitting everyone above.
Our affluent society contains those of talent and insight who are driven to prefer poverty, to choose it, rather than to submit to the desolation of an empty abundance. It is a strange part of the other America that one finds in the intellectual slums.
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