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Alexandra Ripley
(1934-2004) born on
Jan 8
US novelist. She was chosen by Margaret Mitchell' s estate, 1988 to write the sequel to "Gone with the Wind;" called "Scarlett," 1991.
Books have become products like cereal or perfume or deodorant.

Should-haves solve nothing. It's the next thing to happen that needs thinking about.
"We're not home-and-hearth people. We're the adventurers, the buccaneers, the blockade runners. Without challenge, we're only half alive."
I really don't know why Scarlett has such appeal. When I began writing the sequel, I had a lot of trouble because Scarlett is not my kind of person. She's virtually illiterate, has no taste, never learns from her mistakes.
[The publishers] wanted some kind of book that lands on the best-seller list again and again. They didn't understand that it doesn't have to be a Rosemary Rogers or a Danielle Steel. It has to be more 'Gone With The Wind.'
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