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Francois Mauriac
(1885-1970) born on
Oct 11
French novelist, essayist, poet, playwright. He was a French Catholic writer who examined the ugly realities of modern life in the light of eternity; won the Nobel Prize for Lit, 1952.
No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.

Men resemble great deserted palaces: the owner occupies only a few rooms and has closed-off wings where he never ventures.
Every novel worthy of the name is like another planet, whether large or small, which has its own laws just as it has its own flora and fauna.
I write whenever it suits me. During a creative period I write every day; a novel should not be interrupted. When I cease to be carried along, when I no longer feel as though I were taking down dictation, I stop.
A good critic is the sorcerer that makes some hidden spring gush forth unexpectedly under our feet.
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