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George McGovern
(1922-2012) born on
Jul 19
US senator. He was the 1972 Democratic presidential candidate; he advocated an immediate end to the Vietnam War and liberal and social reforms at home.
I still love to go back to Mitchell [his home town] and wander up and down those streets. It just kind of reassures me again that there is a place that I know thoroughly, where the roots are deep. Everything had a place, a specific definition.

Don't throw away your conscience.
The longer the title, the less important the job.
It is simply untrue that all our institutions are evil, that all adults are unsympathetic, that all politicians are mere opportunists. . . . Having discovered an illness, it's not terribly useful to prescribe death as a cure.
You know, sometimes, when they say you are ahead of your time, it's just a polite way of saying you have a real bad sense of timing.
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