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William Seward
(1801-1872) born on
May 16
US politician, abolitionist. He was secretary of state from 1861 to 1869; remembered for the purchase of Alaska in 1867--referred to at that time as "Seward's Folly."
No man will ever be president of the United States who spells Negro with two g's.

The circumstances of the world are so variable that an irrevocable purpose or opinion is almost synonymous with a foolish one.
A party [Republican] with one idea; but that is a noble idea . . . the idea of equality -- the equality of all men before human tribunals and human laws.
The whole hope of human progress is suspended on the ever-growing influence of the Bible.
I know that Nature designs that this whole continent, not merely these thirty-six states, shall be, sooner or later, within the magic circle of the American union.
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