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Edith Clara Summerskill
(1901-1980) born on
English "politician, physician, author". "She was an advocate of women's rights as member of the House of Commons, 1938-61 and chair of the Labour Party, 1954-55."

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Nagging is the repetition of unpalatable truths.

"Today, literate people of the space age, in well-populated countries, are not prepared to accept taboos without question."
I learned that economics was not an exact science and that the most erudite men would analyze the economic ills of the world and derive a totally different conclusion.
[G]overnments still pin their faith to some new economic nostrum which is produced periodically by some bright young man. Only time proves that his alleged magic touch is illusory.
Prize-fighting is still accepted as a display worthy of a civilized people despite the fact that all those connected with it are fully aware it caters to the latent sadistic instincts.

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