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A Creative Mix of Quotations from . . .
Famous people not (yet) featured at Creative Quotations:
The format of Creative Quotations is based on carefully selected sets of five quotations. Each quotation illustrates a component of creativity - Foraging, Reflecting, Adopting, Nurturing, and Knuckling Down. Sets of Creative Quotations have been created and posted for more than 2,500 famous people.

A limitation to this approach is that at least five quotations are needed before a famous person can be featured on an individual webpage. There are, however, thousands of great quotations in the CQ database from famous people who are not (yet) featured at Creative Quotations. 

The "Creative Mix" section of CQ provides you access to quotations from an additional 1,200 famous people.  These quotations and links are also in CQ's online search engine database. This increases the number of searchable quotations at CQ to 25,000, making it one of the largest (and certainly the most creative) quotation resources on the Internet.

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