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In 1986, while living in Zaire (now Congo), FRANK, webmaster of Creative Quotations, made his first quotation calendar as a gift for his wife. Browsing through a copy of The Shorter Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, he became hooked on quotes, especially quotes about creativity. He now has 150 volumes of quotations in his personal library, 110,000 quotations in his database, and has compiled more than 5,000 sets of Creative Quotations. These quotations are carefully selected and linked to one of  five components of creativity:

Creative Quotations are designed to encourage readers to learn from the insights of famous creative people based on the principle that 

The wisdom of the wise 
and the experience of the ages 
may be preserved in quotations. 
(Isaac D'Israeli)


Creative Quotations also challenge readers to look for connections between quotations and the creative process because 
Creativity is the power 
to connect the seemingly unconnected. 
(William Plomer)
The Creative Quotations website was created in early 1996. It has quickly become one of the largest and most popular quotations websites on the Internet (and certainly the most creative!) CQ receives more than 5,000 unique visitors each day.  The website was created and is maintained by Franklin C. Baer, a.k.a. FRANK (Foraging, Reflecting, Adopting, Nurturing, Knuckling Down). 
By way of training, FRANK has both a masters and doctorate degree in tropical medicine and international health systems management. He also has 30 years of experience in the management of primary health care programs, especially SubSaharan Africa. For ten years he was the project manager of a multi-million dollar primary health care project for USAID and the Ministry of Health in Zaire (now Congo). FRANK credits his long-term "survival" as a manager to his quotation "hobby" and his personalization of creativity in Creative Management.

FRANK currently works as a freelance international health consultant and trainer for the design and evaluation of decentralized health care systems, especially for health systems managed in collaboration with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).  For additional information, click here for his CV.

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